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A well insured sum and a clear description of the company - both obtained through a valuation report of KakesWaal - mean a world of difference when one suffers damage. The difference between quickly being able to continue production and/or processes and having to disappoint your customers for a long period of time. Within five years after a major calamity, such as a fire, not less than half of the companies still goes bankrupt. On one hand due to a lack of liquidity, because of under insurance*, on the other hand due to a lack of continuity, because of a missing trading loss damage.
Being an entrepreneur you can make your own estimation of the possible company damage, your mediator will probably go a step further, but only a specialist can bring you so close to a veritable company damage risk, so
you can insure your company adequately against loss and the consequences
of loss. This will result in a correct price setting, essential for a good
business operation.
At KakesWaal you can choose a complete valuation, from storing and inventory to description of installations, processes, or even calculating company damage risk. We will completely map your enterprise, including all buildings, machines, inventory, and the reconstruction of non-material knowhow, moulds, or specific tools.
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