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The valuators of KakesWaal meet a large number of certifications which are affiliated with various interest groups.
For the valuation of immobile property our valuators are affiliated with the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Makelaars (NVM Dutch Association for Real Estate Agents) sector Business real estate for specific support. Our valuators are evaluated by the foundation Vastgoedcert for the certification of the members associated.
For valuations in order to finance business real estate our
valuators are affiliated with the Taxatie Management
Instituut (TMI). Click here for more information
about the TMI.
Our valuators mobile property are a member of the
interest group Federatie Taxateurs Makelaars en
Veilinghouders (TMV Federation Valuators Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers). Via this association education and expertise, development is required for (re)certification by certification institute Foundation Hobéon SKO Certificatie.
We can report according to the standards of the Platform taxateurs en accountants (PTA Platform Valuators and Accounts) and the International Valuation Standard (IVS) as part of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).
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