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constructional recordings


Before commencing constructional activities which can pose damage risk, many clients and/or insurance companies (CAR-insurance), wish to make a risk on the constructional state of risk-objetcs, so possible damage can be determined or unjust claims can be denied with argumentation.
During the pre-recording or zero measurement the constructional malfunctions to the adjacent buildings are determined before starting construction activities. The determined malfunctions are meticulously described and where necessary (digital) pictures are made.
In some situations we advise to carry out a constructional progress-recording during construction works. In case of possible claims we carry out an after-recording if you desire so, and we can take care of a complete damage claim.
In order to guarantee the liabily and/or damage in a better manner after the facts, the pre-recording report including visusals can be handed to the notary, for this an deed of deposit will be created. We gladly advise you on the size of this recording and the desired report form.
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